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Sign up for AFRINIC Trainings

We are happy to let you know that you can now sign up for the AFRINIC Training workshops (INRM, IPv6, rPKI, DNSSEC, and Online Localised Content Development Training) at the Africa Internet Summit (AIS 2014)  to be held in Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti, from 25 May to 6 June 2014.

You may sign up by following the steps below. 

How to sign up for an AIS’14 Training Session if you have previously registered

Step 1: Please click on the menu “Register” on the AIS’14 website

Step 2: Log in and click on ''My AIS participation''.

Step 3: Please click on “View your previous submissions” on the top page.

Step 4: Click on Edit on the ''Submissions'' page. 

Step 5: You will find the list of AFRINIC training workshops under the section ''AIS 2014 (Trainings/Workshops)’’; please sign up for the AFRINIC trainings you wish to attend.

Step 6: Click on the submit button.

And you’re done!

The deadline for application is 15 May. Trainings are free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you in Djibouti!


The AIS Meeting Team

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