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trainingThe Africa Internet Summit Training workshops include, in addition to current topics, popular and emerging ICT topics such as Mobile Networking and Cyber Security. These trainings target both technical and non technical audiences. You will find the list of training sessions for the AIS below.   

The wide range of Training topics during the Event usually include: IPv6 Workshops, Internet Resource Management Training, Cybersecurity workshops -by the AfricaCERT, Africa Internet Interconnections and Traffic Exchange, RPKI, DNSSEC, Africa Internet Standards workshops, Workshops on Network Technology, bandwidth management, iphone application management, BGP multihoming and more.

AFRINIC IRM and IPV6 focus on the IPv6 protocol and its deployment,  especially in  Africa and the issue of the exhaustion of the IPv4 pool of address space. There will be an opportunity to discuss the challenges which our region faces with IPv4 address  space exhaustion among others

The trainings are free of charge (except for AfNOG workshops).

AFRINIC-16 Serekunda - Impression from
training participant
AFRINIC - 16 SEREKUNDA - Tamon Akong Mukom
AFRINIC Training Manger
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